Client Care Records (CCR)

Community Care – Disability Care – Retirement Villages – Hostels – Nursing Homes

CCR is a complete Database covering all aspects of managing a care facility.  

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WebLinkLinked to
HADS (HACC and Disability Services System) for MDS (Minimum Data Set) recording
NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) management
DVA (Department of  Veterans’ Affairs ) -coming soon


TimeClient Care Management Roster Setup – With Payroll Link

  • Client Services setup : Service description with Employee’s pay rates and client service fees.
    Rate setup: hourly rate or fixed rate for task
    Payment setup: weekdays / after hours / Saturday / Sunday / Public holiday
  • Merges employees/volunteers with client services.
  • Setup employees/volunteers availability – days and times.
  • Search for available staff – use additional search criteria – Gender/Qualification/Languages/Location
  • Establishes fortnightly client care need rosters – templates.
  • Automatic link to Google maps – import GPS data – travel distance/time between jobs are recorded and travel time and travel allowances are paid.
  • Employees’ rosters are adjusted and optimized using travel time between jobs.
  • Setup fortnightly employees roster schedules for employees/volunteers.
  • Email/SMS Rosters to Employees / Volunteers (store emails with attachments on database)
  • Deletes employee/volunteer roster entry, if not available.
  • Finds and re-schedules empty client services.
  • Reports on services received.
  • Reports on employees/volunteers rosters.
  • Client services are automatically recorded into HADS – MDS report – with additional information.
  • Fund Management : Client Government Subsidies and Service pre-payments can be managed – calendar based reporting.
  • Employee/volunteer attendance record and type of tasks performed. Detailed calendar based reporting.
  • ‘StaffPayroll’ is produced by calculating working hours or fixed payments for Client Services, including paid travel hours and/or travel allowance (paid travel distance/km).

RosterStaff Roster

  • Staff members are assigned to Clients.
  • The availability of staff members are checked.
    • nominated Week day and time.
    • existing roster times.
    • Times for Personal Leave,Holiday etc.
  • Finds available staff members to fill shifts (a list of only the available staff members are produced)
    • Finds available staff members to fill shifts (a list of only the available staff members are produced)
    • Clients assigned to staff.
    • All available staff.
  • Weekly setup of client services, with nominated staff members and service tasks.
  • Empty shifts (where no staff member is assigned) and unconfirmed shifts are listed.
  • Confirmed shifts (ticked boxes) are processed and payroll/client invoices are created
  • Various reports for staff rosters and client services can be printed or directly emailed to staff or client for fast communication.


ClientInvoiceClient Invoicing

  • Client fees plus travel hours can be set for various Client Services:
    • charge of hourly rate
    • fix amount for task
    • extra charges can be processed
    • travel time can be included
  • Invoice periods can be set – Weekly – Fortnightly – Monthly
  • Invoice can be printed or emailed sent to client, carer or other organisations. (Emails are stored with attachments on database)

PayrollStaff Payroll – Link To SmartPayroll

  • Staff working hours are transferred into the payroll system (SmartPayroll).SmartPayrollBox
  • Staff working hours for selected client services can be paid:
    • as a fixed amount or
    • on an hourly rate for a particular task or
    • paid at the normal hourly staff rate
  • Staff travel time can be paid and travel distance is paid as an allowance.
  • Payment of travel time and distance is calculate using client/staff setup data. Client service setups are calculated automatically.
  • Personal leave, holiday, unpaid leave etc. can be managed via roster:
    • Deletes staff working hours/client services for staff members who are absent.
    • Creates a list of all shifts which are not filled, and to be re-assigned by other staff.
  • Delete Client Services and payroll data will also be deleted.

PhonePhone Service Management

  • Create Phone call records
  • Record phone call comments and notes
  • Phone date/time and phone call duration is recorded
  • Last phone call record is displayed
  • Reports are created with total phone call durations

GroupServiceGroup Project Management

  • Creates activity programs and staff instructions.
  • Creates client groups for activities.
  • Client activity setup – clients attendance records.
  • Clients ‘Diversional Therapy’ care plans.
  • Client ‘Diversional Therapy’ performance assessments.
  • Records activity groups for MDS reporting.
  • Creates various reports and statistics on client’s ‘Diversional Therapy’


This database is designed to assist organisations with the delivery and management of meals to clients in the community.

  • Stores Client dietary requirements.
  • Client delivery instructions.
  • Allocates clients to delivery-runs and delivery-orders.
  • Creates weekly meal delivery templates
  • Creates invoice statements.
  • Records (automatically) meal deliveries for MDS reporting.
  • Allows multiple MDS records for meal delivery in advance.
  • Stock management tool- to ensure control of stock items and record required client info (eg. batch numbers) under ‘Food Safety Standards’.
  • Roster tool for meal-run driver setup

BusServiceClient Transport Setup

  • Client’s transport requirements – walking-frame, wheelchair etc.
  • Client’s bus pickup schedules/variety of bus-run reports, sorted by pick-up/drop-off order.
  • Interactive Daily Vehicle Schedule to manage your day to day routine

SupporterSupporter Database (Donation Records)

  • Supporter setup: Name – Address – Phone number – etc
  • Donation records: date, amount, receipt number
  • Total donations received
  • On-going support record: Payment details – Bank card record
  • Password protected login – to ensure confidentiality
  • Mail Merge – Email – and – SMS facilities are attached to supporter database

VolunteerVolunteer Database

  • Volunteer setup: Name – Address – Phone number – ect
  • The availability of volunteers are recorded (days / hours).
  • Volunteer can be are assigned to Clients. (roster setup)
  • Finds available staff/volunteers members for a task (available volunteers are listed)
    • Clients assigned volunteers.
    • All available volunteers.
  • Fortnightly client service setups: with nominated volunteer with service tasks.
  • Volunteer assessments and training.
  • Volunteer assistants type: eg. Home visits, shopping, phone service etc.
  • Various reports for volunteer rosters and client services can be printed or directly emailed to staff or client for fast communication.
  • Mail Merge – Email – and – SMS facilities are attached to database

Other Useful Databases are also Included

  • Suppliers and contractors

  • External services

  • Incident/hazard report database


Client’s Information database

Clients’ records – Active and Non-Active

PersonalInfoPersonal Information

  • Personal history of resident – information on client’s background.
  • Records of resident’s family and friend with authority types.
  • Complaints and suggestions – record for clients, relatives and staff.
  • Accident/incident reports incl. Medication incidents.
  • In the event of death – information and instructions.

CarePlanCare Plan Information

  • Care Plan information with care needs, intervention, goals/expected outcomes.
  • Clients ongoing notes, records external services provided for each Client.
  • Clients doctors, medical history, ongoing note records.
  • External services provided for each Client.Care Plan Instrument – Write Your Own Care Plan Library
    Easy and user friendly tool- to establish Clients care plans. A ‘Care Plan Library’ is used for various questions under the Residents Classification Scale.
    Separate Care Plan Libraries will be stored for different care services E.g. Hostel/Nursing homes have different Care Plan Libraries.

ReportsReports, Form and Correspondence (Mail Merge)

Reports and forms are produced for all relevant information.
Detailed summary information for the MDS records are available.
The database can be linked to MS-Word documents and a powerful ‘Mail Merge’ facility will make letter writing and envelope printing as simple as clicking a button.