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Computer requirements:  Microsoft Access 2007 / 2010 / 2013

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A complete Database for HOSTEL, NURSING HOMES and/or COMMUNITY CARE, covering all aspects of managing a care facility

The Client Care Record (CCR) rostering system is specifically designed for the community care sector providing a wide range of tools to manage the complexity of community care rostering. Entering the client roster will produce all other relevant information – invoicing – payroll – government subsidy and a wide range of reports for the management. Payroll data can also be uploaded to other payroll system.

ClientsClient Records
Client information -Personal details and photograph – Medical and personal history – Client’s family and friends – Complaints and suggestion. Care Plans – Care Information – Home Risk assessment – Care Notes – On-going Care Notes (locked) – Email and SMS facilities (stored on client file).

CareManagerClient Care management
Fortnightly client care need rosters – Roster Templates – Availability search for employees/volunteers – other search options: gender, qualification, GPS location, language  – Service task setup manages client fees and employees pay rates for services –  working hour or fixed rate calculations  – travel distance/time between clients generated using GPS data – Email / SMS facilities to sent roster report.

RosterEmployee/Client Care Rosters
Roster Templates are used for fast service setup – Task list is used for service description and cost – Availability check for Employees incl. absent period check (personal leave, holiday etc.) – client/employee roster cancellation management – Email and SMS facilities

ClientInvoiceInvoicing record
 Client and External Service Provider invoice setup – record client fees plus travel hours / distance and other fees – Invoice periods: – weekly – fortnightly – monthly – Invoices can be sent to the client, carer or other organizations via email – enter payments, adjustments and write offs –  Debtors aged trial balance – various invoice formats –  calendar based accrued invoice reports – Payment reconciliations.

Hacc HADS (HACC and Disability Services System) for MDS (Minimum Data Set) recording
CSTDA: Commonwealth State/Territory Disability
• Create MDS records and downloads to HADS.
• MDS data entry interface used for fast manual data entry. Agreement


NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme)
The bulk upload claims interface allows providers to upload a file with the claim requests. The Client Care Record (CCR) will export the claim file ready for import into the Provider Portal Web Application.

DDVAVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs)
Under development – coming soon

PhonePhone Service
Create Phone call records – date/time and phone call duration – last phone call record is displayed – Reports with total phone call durations

GroupService Group Services
Create activity programs and staff instructions – groups participants for various activities – attendance records – Client care plans and performance appraisal – monitor activity costs and Client fees.

BusService Transport Services
Interactive daily vehicle schedule to manage your day-to-day operation – Client transport requirements (list: walking-frame, wheelchair etc.) – GPS setup for Client location – bus runs schedule using GPS data with pick-up time/drop off order – display GPS map for bus run – record bus used, driver, support workers, bus fees, trip hours and distance.

WaitingListWaiting List
Record Client and Carer information – Create on-line waiting list requests – Detailed Client assessment questions – Ratings for assessment questions – Service access and support assessment – Client profile and family support setup – Priority matrix – using ratings and waiting list time – Waiting list search: Priority – Gender – Age – Language – Local Area – LPA.

EmployeesNurseEmployee/Volunteer database
Client information -Personal details and photograph – notes – work data and availability – training, qualification and experience – Complaint/Suggestions – Accidents/Incidents – store documents / scanned images – mail-merge facility – email/SMS facility (stored on employee’s file)

Other database modules:

MoWMeals-on-Wheels (separate module)
The database is designed to assist with the management and delivery of meals to clients in the community – Interactive daily vehicle schedule –  Stock management facility will ensure control of stock items (used-by date,  batch numbers etc.) – Client dietary requirements are recorded and client specific menu list is created – GPS data is used to provide client locations and produce efficient meal runs.

SuppliersSupplier database  (included)
Supplier information with email and SMS facility

ExtServiceExternal Service provider database  (included)
External Service provider information with email and SMS facility – option for contractor setup linked to client care management to create service invoices.

TempletVenue Booking Calendar  (included)
Calendar entries recording date and half-hour intervals – Venue location, employee and client reference and project description – Create recurring venue bookings – Send bookings via email/SMS – Calendar based venue booking reports

EmployeeCalendarEmployee Appointment Calendar  (included)
Calendar entries recording date and half-hour intervals – Appointment location, project and client reference – Create recurring appointments – Send appointments via email/SMS – Calendar based appointment reports.

 FileManagerFile Manager database  (separate module)
Fully featured file manager for access control to Client and Employee files – managing access control for document files on the network –  User friendly functionality to access and explore files on shared folders.

file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders. The most common operations performed on files or groups of files include creating, opening (e.g. viewing, editing or printing), renaming, moving or copyingdeleting and searching for files and Folders and files can be displayed in a hierarchical tree based on their directory structure.

MobLoginWeb & Mobile applications

New Client service requests: New clients can apply for an assessment before commencement of service

Client: Client log-on to book new services and view service history

Employee: Log-on View roster with client info and service task and submit time sheets



‘SmartPayroll’ is an award interpreter with a sophisticated rostering system. An optional automatic time recording device can be attached, that will allow you to compare roster times with the actual recorded staff working hours.
It is connected to the Client Care Record (CCR) database and roster hours are downloaded and processed with “SmartPayroll”.

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“The best Software I have ever seen for Community Care.”

“WOW I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Software I have ever seen. I am a full time web developer, and this software blows me away. I think you thought of everything and then some. Thank you so much for this wonderful product, WOW- AMAZING!” – Evello

I would like to recommend the software to every one interested in building a community care operation. It has been implemented very efficiently in our operation and the customer service is very reactive. It works well for our business and had considerable saving in administration cost.
Colin, BCD Comminity Care
With changes to the sector imminent, Disability Macarthur has needed to streamline the way we conduct our business.
Client Care record and Smart payroll have enabled us to be more efficient in recording and maintaining client information.
The CCR has given us the scope improve and accurate data collection, develop a process for claims under the NDIS an other supports that are valuable to the organisation, especially with changes ahead.
The program is flexible and has enabled us to individualize the development of the CCR to meet the programs offered by Disability Macarthur whilst providing support and training for staff.
The service responses are quick as we are using Remote Desktop support for all our staff. .. Highly recommended!
Julie, Disabiity Macarthur Temporay Family Care
The Client Care Record (CCR) in conjunction with the SmartPayroll has been a very effective tool for our operation. We can rely on efficient support even after hours and this is what I my call a good support relationship. I can highly recommend the product as it makes an enormous difference in running a community care operation.
Fred, My Home Living Care

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